Black Ops Finals Hopes

The tock is ticking.  FV's entire Black Ops campaign comes down to 3 matches, only one of which FV are involved in on this coming Sunday, 5th June at 8.30pm.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Worth a buy?

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Before you continue reading, there will be small spoilers in this article (Whether the early sources are true or not, if you don’t want to chance spoiling the game, do not read on)


FV changes course

With PSN down many of us have had to look to alternative pass times to ... well ... pass the time.  It's coming up to near on a month since karma seemed to get the better of Sony & it's PSN.  During this time communication between clan mates has been severed for many as their only point of contact was the fuzzy mic & gimpy text chat provided by the magic black box.  Fortunately FV have been for the most part maintaining strong ties via the site, discussing real life activities & single player games they'd been playing ... and to a lesser extent the Xbox 360.

FV, fastest clan on 6A ?

March 30 saw FV take to the starting grid for the final time for Season 1 of 6A's GT5 Street Car League.  The race was a fitting end to what had been an enjoyable & competitive season, seeing TRU & FV compete for a place in the Grand Final, with TRU ultimately winning with little difficulty.

For FV the season started on the 6th of January.  Track was Tsukuba using cars with a whopping 800bhp !  FV challenged wDS who opted for American muscle in the form of Dodge Vipers & the like which were no match for the Nissan GT-R Spec-Vs driven by FV.  Reflexionkiller took 1st, GraphicX 2nd, flipher 3rd & JDU21 4th after wDS pulled the pin.

Call Of Duty Round Up – Edition II

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Alas, I have returned for another edition of the Call Of Duty Round Up. With great success in the first edition with almost 1000 views, I have recieved countless emails and messages demanding me to release another newsletter for this fortnight, well here I am! Let's get this rolling and let the words do the talking...

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