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Think of this as a group of tips, no, more like a 'cheats sheet' for the 1337 competitive gamer*.

*please note, GraphicX is anything but a '1337' gamer.

2010 - A year in Reflexion

2010 has been a great year for FV.  As far as competitive gaming went it started off badly with Modern Warfare 2 being the competitive title of choice for many clans.  It was quickly dubbed 'Aids Warfare' by those that played it & rightly so, playing the game was just like living with a debilitating illness.  FV had mild success competing on MW2 in tournaments hosted by 6A.  Tournaments such as X-Mod & MagicMod made quite an awful game almost enjoyable, while the Barebones tournament tore it for most of us, driving the final nail into the game's coffin.

Must Buy PS3 Games of Early 2011


By JDU21

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As a debut article, I'll start with an obvious and somewhat cliché statement. We all love playing games, but what better than playing games which have been released for the sleek PS3? I hope you kids have your allowance saved up, and you old-fags sneak behind your wives back and avoid paying the mortgage, because 2011 is going to be an expensive year.

FV celebrates its first year !

A year ago, a few mates broke away from Australia's largest PS3 clan and formed their own.  One year on, that new clan is still going strong. Here's a recap on the year and an outlook toward the future.

Members & Clan Philosophy

Friday, 4th September 2009 at, acriu55, GraphicX, RHYS5169, reflexionkiller, Gaz-Rosco (now known as Roscanaut), mookison and Boosted--1 huddled together, they'd recently left AUF along with ikiller1 & flipher. They were meeting to discuss what to do next, that being the formation of a new clan.  Those 9 would become the founding members of one of Australia and New Zealand's most tight knit PS3 clans, now known as Final Vertex.

The Top Secret Clan forum was used as their only point of contact beyond the PS3. They discussed at length what their options were; whether they would like to form a clan and how to go about making it.  It was agreed that the clan would remain a secret until after Season 3 at had concluded, in the hope that others would not follow them away from AUF.  Unfortunately, only a few days had passed before the the plans to form a new clan and website had been discovered. This was via the reading of private messages between the founding members at the AUF site.  This became an extremely difficult time for the 9, old friendships were pushed to breaking point but at the same time positives emerged.  With news of a new clan on the way created by old mates, both Oridin and dutch47 were keen to sign up.

FV Clan Site Review

Clan Site Review: Final Vertex

By Mr_X
Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 3:53 pm

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FV is one of the many clans to bud off from AUF in a freaky asexual way reminiscent of micro-organisms and primitive invertebrates. This reflects the members; they are all quite old in comparison to many active clans and display primitive characteristics such as fighting from within bins and possessing a strange affinity for Johnny Cash.

FV is a small clan when viewed in a quantitative manner, yet qualitatively they are as large as the difference between a human and elephant phallus. They are a tight-knit bunch that sticks together through the occasional good and abundant bad times.

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