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Greetings one and all.
Fusion here from GameCAST, and today we will be bringing you an interview with the newly appointed CGPS3 CoD admin Crxssfade.

I would firstly like to thank Crxssfade for taking the time out to participate in this interview. It has been a pleasure to do this with him, and to give us all an insight into his history and what his feelings are towards the community. I hope everyone enjoys!


When did you first want to get into competitive gaming? What inspired you to do so?
Well I first got into comp gaming around late '09, one of my mates from school (Zor) was right into it and I had been pubbing COD4 for a while so I thought I'd give it a go. I have a highly competitve nature, so being in that environment was a good time waster.

Who introduced you to cybergamer? What were your first thoughts on the community?
Well I signed up to CG in early 2010. I had been apart of 6A for a few months and it was obviously around the time CGPS3 started up, so there was a lot of conversation about it. I guess I never really used the site too much after that other than the odd lurk every now and then. At that stage the community was essentially people I had already heard of or knew from 6A, so initial thoughts were good.

Does gaming take a large focus in your life, or merely just a hobby?
At this point in time it's just a hobby, been looking into careers in the industry for the future so who knows.

How long did it take you too establish yourself and settle into the CG community? Was this easy for you coming from sixaxis?
Well in all honesty I still feel as though I'm learning the community and the people involved in it. The switch from 6A to CG wasn't difficult at all, I've found the people are fantastic and I'm loving being apart of the community.

Why did you make the decision to move from Sixaxis to Cybergamer? Was there anyone that influenced this decision?
Well I can't really go into too much detail with this, but there were certain people and decisions that I just didn't agree with and made 'life' at 6A extremely difficult. I guess my love-affair with CG started back in October of last year, when I was appointed COD Admin here by Etri and Kingy (I told them to remove my permissions after 12 hours or so as I wasn't ready). As much as I wanted to make the switch back then, it simply wasn't the right time due to my involvement at 6A, the fact that I only had around 15 posts on CG and really wasn't an active member of the community. From that night though, I've been quite active around the place and have loved doing my bit for the site where I could. I don't regret the change at all and wish I had've made it stuck all those months ago

What has influenced you to take on the role of CoD Admin? Can we expect big things from you in the future?
Well I have a tonne of experience behind me and I had been looking for a way to get more involved and giving a helping hand around CG and this was the perfect role to do so. You won't see big things from me in the future, you will see, however, big things from the CoD Admin team as a whole. The group of people we have now are amazing, they've made me feel so welcome and I can tell that the future is going to be great for CGPS3 with these guys.

Do you have any ambitions of taking on any other staff roles?
I'm always looking to help out where I can, whether it be the duties that my current role brings or something outside of my realm. I'm always around to give a lending hand where necessary.

What are your thoughts after Season 1 CGo in MW3? Do you feel the rule-sets are balanced, or do you feel they could be tweaked for Season 2?
I think the ruleset at the moment is great, there's obviously a bit of discussion about it currently but I can't see why anything should change. Just my perspective on it anyway, I'm sure others may have a different one.

Can you see 4s becoming more the more dominant match type in MW3 as the game is more suited to 4s? How do you think this will affect the upcoming leagues?
I believe 4s is already the dominant match type in MW3. It really is, as you said, suited to the game. As a 4s player myself, I'm looking forward to what we can produce for the community in the form of ODC's and P2P's. It won't affect the current leagues, there's still a massive support base for 5s and no doubt Leagues will be a huge success for the community.

What aspirations do you have for the CG community? Where do you feel the community will be at 2-3 years in the future?
I think the PS3 community will grow substantially in the coming years, and as I said previously I'm really excited about the prospect of this growth at CyberGamer. We have a bit to do to catch up to the XBOX community, but in saying that we had 24 teams originally register for the FFYI which shows just how active and competitive the PS3 scene is here. In a year or so time we'll have grown much more, who knows what's coming in the future. Exciting and interesting times ahead.

Anything else you wish to say or any shout outs?
Yeah shoutouts to ml, Mustang and Denz <3
To the BIAS crew.
All CGPS3 Admins who've made me feel at home <3
Also will chuck one in for old mate Hiphop who always makes me laugh on the forums.


Thank you everyone who has had a read of this interview today. There will be plenty more big things to come from GameCAST in the future, and there will be plenty more high profile interviews!

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