Getting To Know 6A Staff: JDU21

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Name: Jamie
Age: 19
Clan: FV
Occupation: Student

Favourite Game?

Favourite of all time would have to be Pokemon (typical 90′s kid) but my favourite game at the moment is FIFA 12. Recently picked it up and I feel as if every game I play in I’m improving and I enjoy that when it comes to gaming.


Drinking, Rugby League, Water Skiing, Cricket, Gaming, and any other phase I go through.

How did you find out about 6A?

I’ve been around since the Clan Central beginnings. I heard about CC through the grape vine while mucking around on COD4. I can’t remember who it was exactly but I registered myself and became the envy of the community (Troll face).

How has being in a gaming community effected your life?

Significantly of a social aspect. It may sound weird, but I’ve always been a gamer and my days on the PS2 running people over in GTA: San Andreas where boring as none of my friends from school really enjoyed Playstation’s. Ever since I discovered online gaming and the gaming communities, I’ve gone out to meet fellow gamers face to face. I like the fact that I can sit at home with the air-con or heater blasting, play video games and talk to my online friends and meet other people.

Fondest Gaming Moment?

Team killing RevengeSeeker in a recent MagicMod match, or catching Mew and MewTwo on Pokemon blue within the space of an hour.

Most embarrassing moment in your life?

When I was 10, I had a crush on a girl a little older than me. I wore these old boxers with a tear in the crotch before bed. Her and her brother came around only to see me asleep on the lounge with my pecker hanging out. I didn’t wake up with a glorified mini-me but I did wake up to some interesting gestures.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

A gamer girlfriend.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

The end of the world, or if we’re all alive in 12 months then a stable job and family is all I can ask for. (I know, I’m a softy).

Where do you think 6A can improve?

Unfortunately, I know all or most of the projects going on behind the 6A curtains but I think P2P could be a good addition… Hint hint.

Who do you prefer, Crxssfade or ‎Sadistic_Freak?

I love Crxssfade when he isn’t stuffing around with my badges, and I love S_F in general. You can’t talk down on either of them but if I have to choose then I’ll go with the fellow clansmen, Crxssfade. Even though his addition to the clan has by no means improved our sh*t performances in clan wars.