Three's a crowd ?

The number 3 has been copping a beating of late.   Seems all the biggest selling games have turned to trilogies in the past few months.  Gears of War 3, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3 & hell, even Saints Row is in it's 3rd installment.

Mostly, 3's considered a crowd, not a positive thing.  For titles like Modern Warfare 3 that may even be the case as the game really offers nothing new & no innovation.

In keeping with the 3 theme, FV are about to begin competing in 3 new leagues.  Each league is on Modern Warfare 3, on the Playstation 3 & include:
Sixaxis Gaming Astro Gaming 4v4 Objective
Sixaxis Gaming MagicMod 5v5 Search & Destroy
Sixaxis Gaming X-Mod 6v6 Objective

It's been a while since FV have been actively competing due to Black Ops not lasting 12 months for the clan leaving us fairly rusty.  Call of Duty 4 was a good filler but offered few matches (no doubt we'll be back on that old warhorse sooner rather than later judging from early experiences with Modern Warfare 3).  Our first match on the new title is this coming Thursday against Reborn, here's hoping we kick it off with a win.