FV Youtube vids hit 20,000 views

Amazingly our humble channel has just eclipsed 20,000 video views, less than 2 years since it was created !

18 November 2009 saw www.youtube.com/TheFinalVertex spring to life.  FV had been recording game footage as a tool to expose any rule breaches during clan wars.  Originally the footage was recorded using a digi-cam, but it wasn't long before members purchased & began to use dedicated hardware recording devices.  This saw clear, high definition content become available, which with some very basic editing was quite entertaining.


Out came 'frag vids'.  Edited videos only showing kills from clan wars, in particular Search & Destroy from Call of Duty matches which became incredibly popular.  It didn't take long for these to catch on & now similar frag vids can be found on the channels of many clans.

So what's been the most popular ?  Who's watching ?  Well here's some figures from the channel & the vids themselves ...

Game footage is most popular with young boys ... who would've guessed ...

Over 250 views in one day ?  Good chance Playstation Network was offline !

Top 5 most popular


No. 1

TeXX v nBn, 6A MagicMod Grand Final

First Grand Final of 6A's SnD League known as 'MagicMod'.

Views: >1,700
Uploaded: 23 March 2010
% of views: 8.6


No. 2

GraphicX, Sniper Montage

Recorded with a digital camera with no idea how to edit, GraphicX produces video quality that matches that of his sniping abilities.

Views: >680
Uploaded: 17 February 2010
% of views: 3.5


No. 3

FV v EAB, Headquarters Bog

CoD4, C4, M16 kill whoring & jugger ... what's not to like ?

Views: >640
Uploaded: 21 July 2010
% of views: 3.2


No. 4

FV v sMK, Headquarters Scrapyard

Proper use of a riot shield during HQ.  Features RevenageSeeker almost getting the ton !

Views: >570
Uploaded: 22 April 2010
% of views: 2.9


No. 5

FV v aFX, Search & Destroy Overgrown

Features 2 clutches, RevenageSeeker v 5 & JDU21 v 6.  That's enough to wanna make the leader of the other clan PS Quit, which he did !

Views: >530
Uploaded: 21 June 2010
% of views: 2.7