Black Ops Finals Hopes

The tock is ticking.  FV's entire Black Ops campaign comes down to 3 matches, only one of which FV are involved in on this coming Sunday, 5th June at 8.30pm.

At the start of the season FV were an unseeded team, meaning they started at over 30th position on the Season 1 Black Ops X-Mod ladder.  This proved to be a major disadvantage as being able to challenge at the right time was as, if not more crucial to moving up then actually winning in-game.

At this point FV have been one of the most active & best performing clans on the ladder.  But due to less than ideal ladder logic leaving winning teams vulnerable & unable to challenge up for 48 hours, FV have only made it to 10th position 3 times & have been slid back to 15th 4 times due to teams above dropping matches while FV are stuck either vulnerable or fending off challengers from below.

FV have so far had 10 battles on the ladder, 7 wins & only 3 losses & none of these matches matter a damn.  The only match of any consequence to finals is the upcoming match against TeKz on Sunday.  Not only must FV defeat TeKz but either Victory must defeat eVolution or ToXX defeat iCu* in order for FV to progress.  Should both of these other clans be defeated FV will still only make 9th regardless of the outcome against TeKz.

Tense times ahead.  Be sure to offer your hand in a friendly this week should you be on.  We'll be looking for cannon fodder in the coming days to try & hone our skills.