FV changes course

With PSN down many of us have had to look to alternative pass times to ... well ... pass the time.  It's coming up to near on a month since karma seemed to get the better of Sony & it's PSN.  During this time communication between clan mates has been severed for many as their only point of contact was the fuzzy mic & gimpy text chat provided by the magic black box.  Fortunately FV have been for the most part maintaining strong ties via the site, discussing real life activities & single player games they'd been playing ... and to a lesser extent the Xbox 360.

It's no secret the members of Final Vertex crave competition.  We live for the feel of victory & success but defeating single player games just doesn't fulfill this addiction.  Many of the guys own 360s, be they in the cupboard in a box, used as a door stop or even under the TV collecting dust.  With the upcoming release of Forza 4 & slow painful death of Gran Turismo 5 there's been a bit of Xbox chatter about the place & it now seems FV are preparing to take a plunge into the world of prepubes, red rings, playschool-like operating systems & Nazi console restrictions (Hitler in this case being Bill Gates).

FV are venturing down an unknown path, some may say they're in a dark place at the moment.  They aren't Playstation fan-boys by any stretch but FV were certainly unified by the console & 'playing away' on another platform will either strengthen their clan or weaken it.  As this is keyed in up to 6 FV members are playing Black Ops on their 360s, testing the water before they commit to a ladder or comp.

When, or should I say if, the PSN returns FV will be competing strongly on the Playstation once again, but also it seems on the Xbox given it's recent rise to popularity here.