FV, fastest clan on 6A ?

March 30 saw FV take to the starting grid for the final time for Season 1 of 6A's GT5 Street Car League.  The race was a fitting end to what had been an enjoyable & competitive season, seeing TRU & FV compete for a place in the Grand Final, with TRU ultimately winning with little difficulty.

For FV the season started on the 6th of January.  Track was Tsukuba using cars with a whopping 800bhp !  FV challenged wDS who opted for American muscle in the form of Dodge Vipers & the like which were no match for the Nissan GT-R Spec-Vs driven by FV.  Reflexionkiller took 1st, GraphicX 2nd, flipher 3rd & JDU21 4th after wDS pulled the pin.

Unfortunately after the wDS race FV had taken 1st rung on the ladder & few challenges to go with it.  LNT threw down the gauntlet, turned into an enjoyable Lotus Elise 111R race on Rome with FV taking a solid victory with the fastest qualifying times & podium positions in the race.  Next came 9mm, NSX Type Rs on Grand Valley.  Very close & competitive race with FV finishing 1st, 2nd, 5th & 7th.  Was also dutch47's first time driving in excess of 200kph while DUI.

FV v LNT, Rome

After the LNT & 9mm races FV's interest in the game had peaked.  Next challenge came from ToXX who had a solid lineup but yet again one of the most mundane tracks in GT5 was chosen, Tsukuba.  For this ToXX sported R34 & R32 Nissan Skylines but FV had found merit in selecting more balanced cars yielding greater tyre life & more easily controlled.  For the races against LNT & 9mm, FV had been able to tune their cars to be able to complete the full 45 minute race on one set of tyres & the ToXX race was to be no different.  The car of choice was a yuppy BMW M3 rear wheel drive.  Alongside the Skylines it seemed extremely pedestrian but as soon as the green light to race was given the differences were remarkable, handing FV another victory with all podium positions.

The race against ToXX was to be the last 'clan v clan' race & last victory FV were to have on the S1 Street Ladder.  The ladder had matured & clans had began stacking their sides with 'ringers' in order to gain the competitive edge.  Totally blurring the difference between clan & team.

FV v ToXX, Tsukuba

Team Senate were to be the next challenger.  Lead by one of Australia's fastest (& most emo) drivers in coma_bIakk they were the team to beat.  In qualifying it was obvious TS were quite clueless as to the cars they could've used, driving a mix of BMW M3s & RX7s while FV had R390 Nissans which were practically race cars.  Qualifying was easily taken by FV, taking all front grid positions but the actual race saw a large accident involving several cars due to some careless driving on part of TS.  Unfortunately for FV most of the damaged cars were theirs & as a result only RHYS5169 was able to go on with any chance of taking podium, managing to come first overall with the remaining FV drivers at the back.

FV had now swallowed their first defeat, moving to second on the ladder & ready for the next race.  TRU issued the next challenge & it was to be Caterhams on Rome.  In qualifying it became very apparent that FV were to be totally outdone by the TRU side, qualifying seconds slower than all of the TRU drivers with positions 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th being the best they could manage.

The final ladder challenge was to be against FaiL.  The ladder rules had changed considerably due to a major GT5 game update & as such 'Performance Points' were used to govern car use.  400pp was set with FV using a mix of Renault & VW hatchbacks & a Mazda Roadster.  Unfortunately for FV, FaiL had managed to add almost 150kgs of ballast to a Lotus Elise to see it fit within a PP limit associated with 'nanna-cars'.  The result was to be FV once again finishing far behind.

Final ladder positions at the close of Season 1.

The season was now coming to a close, FV had settled into 4th on the ladder & it was finals time.  First fixture was to be against TS but FV found it impossible to field a side & had to forfeit.  Second round was to be against aRC! but come race night aRC! failed to make an appearance & defaulted the win to FV.  Luck was very much on FV's side it seemed as they'd pretty much received a free ride all the way to the semis !

Well the semis was to be as far as FV would get.  March 30 saw TRU & FV lineup to race EK9 Civic Type Rs on Madrid.  TRU easily took positions 1st & 2nd by almost a full 2 minutes (on a track which was only a minute & a half, not bad at all !).  3rd went to GraphicX, 4th to dutch47 & 5th to flipher with the final TRU driver in 6th.  On points it was incredibly close, 25-21, but on lap times StoneGossard & Forged_GTR easily had FV's number & earned their place in the upcoming Grand Final.

Going into Season 2 FV are of high hopes that they'll either figure out how to correctly tune a car or find someone nice enough to do it for them.  Season 1 was a cracker & FV now consider themselves the fastest 'clan' on 6A.  Finishing 4th on the ladder & 3rd overall while not employing any outside help.

Here's hoping GT5 has the legs to continue being a competitive title at 6A, if you have the game be sure to continue playing it.