Call Of Duty Round Up – Edition II

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Author: Beyond Your Reach

Alas, I have returned for another edition of the Call Of Duty Round Up. With great success in the first edition with almost 1000 views, I have recieved countless emails and messages demanding me to release another newsletter for this fortnight, well here I am! Let's get this rolling and let the words do the talking...

Who's Hot

As the weeks go on, the season has been following through nicely with teams having a few or more games under their belt it feels like you can take over the world. So who really is showing signs of strength in the ladders?

Fuck Your Clan - FyC!

Currenty sitting in a comfortable 7th position, FyC have won 3 of 3 games played and are making a significant impact on the X-Mod ladder. Yet to be defeated, they must be full of confidence heading into their next game against After Effects. The perfect balance is what I spot in this clan, they have the skill required to defeat any opposition and get along fairly wellon the forums and in game, they'd know each other inside out. With victories against 9mm, aRC! & TRU, they are exactly where they want to be. They can feel the hunger to win this ladder and if they remain consistent, they will be up there. Don't underestimate this clan, they're coming for you.

Final Vertex - FV

Definition of an all round clan? Final Vertex provides the perfect example. With teams across Call Of Duty, Gran Turismo 5 and individuals comepeting in other ladders, they share a special and unique bond, otherwise known as love. FV as a clan ( or team) have played just over 20 games, that's absolutely superb and simply outstanding, great effort by the FV guys. In the X-Mod ladder, they are currently on 12th spot with a 3-0 win/loss ratio, although they have dropped from inside the 10 due to other challenges being made. Unfortunately for them, FV has been challenged again and if they were to win this game, they would be able to challenge inside the 10 and cause some havoc for other teams. With wins against MoD* and wDS they are slowly progressing up the ladder and are eager to get inside the top 10, once they do, they'll bite. I have also recieved intel sources as to why 9mm forfeited against FV, apparently is was because GraphicX was in fine form that night, I would have done the same.

Kings Connected - kC

kC have slotted into 3rd position on the Magic Mod S&D ladder. With 4 wins and a single loss next to their name, they have done it easy getting into the top 3 in this ladder. They are heavily underrated by many, although I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled off a few upsets against the top teams. Determination is the key for kC, you only get out what you put in.

Who's Not

Now, who hasn't been performing? I've spotted a few clans that have had a horrid start to the season, but I know they have the potential to do much better and strive for success!

I See You - iCu*

They definitely have the players to do the job, but something ain't working, there's a problem. With losses against AE, R!OT & V, they have been falling into a slump, a dark hole. If they want to improve, they need to be involved in more friendlies and definitelty improve on their teamwork. With the likes of ab, costa and reii, they should be winning the majority of their games, not losing them. Let's hope they get a win soon!

Nine Millimeter - 9mm

What's going on here guys? 9mm finished off a great campaign in the pre season tournament making it through to the finals, however they have not managed to continue that form onto the X-Mod ladder. With losses to FV, eVo & FyC!, they need to get back on track and do what they do best. Organisation and preparation before and after clan wars would really give them a boost. If they have a good preparation going into clan wars, they'll bounce back and start to find some form. Hopefully fomoco's live streams haven't impacted towards his team mates. Let's hope 9mm can get off to a start.

Double Star - **

One of the clans that have definitely been under performing in the Magic Mod ladder. A clan full of experienced S&D players, however they don't seem to be playing like an experienced team. With 6 losses and only 2 wins beside their name, it is dissapointing to see such a great clan have more losses. Currently hanging on to 6th spot, they are lucky to be in the top 8. They lost R!OT 14-12 in their last game and hopefully can look back at their performance and find areas they need to improve in. Their next challenge against kC for 3rd spot wil determine if they have gotten their heads straight and hopefully they show us what they are capable of doing.

Upcoming Thriller's

My favourite segment, I provide you with the must watch games, when it's on and which ladder is hot! kC v aRC! X-Mod Objective Ladder Thursday 17th March, 8pm Both teams that are yet to have an impact in this ladder, sitting just outside the top 10. This game will not dissapoint, a fiery incounter that will show the best in the business going at it till the finish. Who will be victorious? The underdogs kC, or the heavyweights aRC? You wouldn't want to miss out on this one! Mi_4 v wYb MagicMod Search & Destroy Ladder Time TBC Well...well...well Mi_4 otherwise known as White Snakes are the champions of Search & Destroy. On paper, they may have the best team but they are forgetting that they are coming up against the pre season champs who will not be intimidated. This will be a great clash, it will be intense and it will be close. No doubt wYb will go into this game with confidence and back themselves to take it out, but in order to succeed, they have to defeat a champion team. The heavyweights will battle it out for 4th spot on the ladder, I personally do not want to miss this! Who will take this out? You decide.

Latest Results

The latest on who won, and who lost. dL v FV MagicMod S&D Ladder Firing Range Read all about it here - At3C v ASG X-Mod Objective Ladder Read all about it here -

Upset Of The Week

Did your team just lose to the Cronulla Sharks? Find out here! FaiL v ToXX X-Mod Objective Ladder FaiL defeated ToXX 3-0 in a game that promised to lift the roof out of vlastanvak's house, it didn't... I don't think anyone expected or predicted a 3-0 clean sweep victory, it happened. ToXX were absolutely stunned at the end of it and simply outplayed on the end. I had my money on ToXX to win this one, FaiL were just too strong the whole way through. Well done to FaiL and ToXX will no doubt bounce back! Read all about this match here -

Random Team Spotlight

Who do we have this week in the random spotlight? ReBorn - RbN* A new clan that has started to compete on the X-Mod Objective Ladder, Reborn. I haven't seen any of their players and on paper they do seem like randoms. But do not take them lighlty, they have won all 3 games played and have defeated the likes of At3C, SV & EP!C. I didn't know that! Bet you didn't either. Slowly creeping their way up the ladder, it looks like we have some new competition. Best of luck to reborn in their campaign.

Featured Match Reports

I'm sure your all familiar with this, hanging on the edge of your seats....hoping to win my prestigous greedy bastards. Carrying on, I have found a few excellent match reports that are all worthy of winning this weeks Beyond The Match Report Award. FaiL v ToXX - coolio45 Absolutely superb, great layout and love the finishing line wYb v FaiL - Skceptical Neat, good use of formatting, detailed. eVo v 9mm - pichoch Excellent formatting, great layout and colours. It's a close one this week, really was hard to decide on the winner. The award goes to..... *Drum Roll* *Drum Roll* *Drum Roll*


Well done mate, you are the winner of the prestigous Beyond The Match Report Award for this fortnight. Please leave pichoch a nice comment on his profile page for his efforts. The others came really close however I needed a screenshot and the video footage provided was good enough for me. If you missed out and though you could have been nominated, please link me to your match report via message on 6A. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed reading this fortnight's edition of the Call Of Duty Round Up, if you have any questions or suggestions please send me a message. Thanks.