Congratulations on successfully locating the Final Vertex membership page, unfortunately this is probably as far as you'll get.

Final Vertex is a small, tight knit family of mature gamers. We judge our success on how well we're getting on with one another, not just solely on competitive performance.

From past experience we have seen that larger clans are not necessarily better clans & it's because of this that we wish to maintain Final Vertex as the small, tight knit family it is. Ie. We aren't too crash hot on new members & expansion.

All of this isn't to say it's impossible to join the ranks of Final Vertex, others have done it after setting their minds to it & showing that they simply fit within our pack.

We work by invitation only & the only way to receive an invitation to this clan is by playing with our members & getting along 100% with them.

Before asking for a PSN add with a mind of potentially joining, make 100% certain that you wish to join Final Vertex, not just any clan, but specifically Final Vertex. This means no guns for hire thread at 6A & no trialling with other clans.

If you are intending to play with us in the hope of eventually joining then please be open about it, that way we can be fair & straight with you & tell you how unlikely it is that you'll be invited to join.

Hopefully after reading this you have chosen to not bother applying to join Final Vertex, however, if reading this has made you more determined to join than ever we wish you luck as you'll need plenty of it.