Gaming History

I remember being 4 or 5 and playing old PC games on my grandpa’s computer. It was a MS-DOS iirc. Played a lot of that, but also had a gameboy and PS1 which I used to play a lot of too. I got my PS2 in '03/4 where I mainly played the FIFA and EA racing titles. Finally got a PS3 in May ’09, first game I played on it was COD4. I fell in love with it right away.

Clan/Team History

wYb --> Rc --> RTN --> FV

Greatest Victories

Haven’t had any special victories, winning always feels good I guess.

Play Style

Don’t really have a style as such, more so just run around and hope for the best lol



Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

AK-47, District / Vector, Quarry / AK-47, Summit.

Gaming Setup

Tritton AX Pro headset, 40” Sanyo TV, HD PVR

All Time Favorite Games

Probably be F1 2006 on PS2. The game had so many flaws, but the amount of hours I put into it made it so enjoyable.


1st of May, 1994

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

Lots of memories, hearing Graff whinge about something always makes me laugh.

Sex Appeal (out of 10)

Apparently I’m a fat nerd who has stubby fingers, so I’d definitely say a solid 11.5.

Size of Porn Collection

stream it