Date of Birth


Gaming History

have been playing online since cod4 was released, only started to invest some serious time in it when w@w dropped and i played my first clan matches for AUF2

Clan/Team History

AUF for a year and a half and now FV

Greatest Victories

the same as alot of us- beating es in the w@w tourny. this was just awesome, we all played amazing that night.
also up there was
- getting an ace + plant in a w@w tourny s&d
- beating bostonkaos 20-1 in the cagematch ladder- up there because of the lol's not because it was a challenge

Play Style

Blitzkrieg! get in peoples face at the beginning of a match before they know whats happening


2+ in Win loss and kdr. i like my accuracy more than anything.

Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

COD4: overgrown, ak74-u red tiger no attachments
MW2: scrapyard, ump-45

Gaming Setup

Sony Bravia 40" thing.

Past Consoles

i was always a N64 person, that thing owned. started off with top gear rally before investing alot of time in banjo-kazooie, zelda and goldeneye

All Time Favorite Games

FFX, legend of zelda:ocarina of time, pokemon yellow


my flume, the missus just bought fucking hermit crabs too.

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

tooooo many to remember, the PoKe clan had some moments, me running around screaming "magikarp magikarp" provided me the lol's.
- Graph searching for good bins. Generally just giving Graph shit in games. Giving away acriu's position in s&d.

Sex Appeal (out of 10)

5, but on the richter scale

Which Celebrity Best Resembles You & Why

-I think if my penis was a person it would have a rugged out-doorsy look, maybe Hugh Jackman in wolverine. I think if Graph's penis was a person it would be Elijah Woods in Sea Biscuit.

Size of Porn Collection

xnxx is where its at for me (thanks sneaks!) other than that i once had these dodgy magazines called Rosie- like 80's porn i sold them at school and made some decent money

5 minutes of fame:

hmmmm not sure about fame but my favourite out of ps3 achievement would be getting silver at the NSW all schools for U16's high jump, back in the day i could jump- now i can barely jog due to injuries, putting on 25 kg's didnt help either lol. PB's High jump: 2.06m, 100m: 11.6 seconds.