Date of Birth


Gaming History

I've been gaming since I was a little kid. Back on the old SEGA's. I was 6 when we go one of the first PS1's out in Australia, burning games for the chipped PS1 and constantly playing Colin Mcrea Rally games, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot just playing as much as my parents would let me. When I was 10-11 I got a PS2 from a family friend with MGS2 and MOH. MGS quickly became a favouite, and MOH was the first FPS I owned which I loved. Around the time of year 8-9 I purchased CoD3, my first game from the COD series and I fell in love, at the time the graphics were like pixelated sex to me and I followed the series till the release of COD4. I purchased a PS3 about a week after the release of the 40gb Playstations, and brought COD4 a week after its release. At that time, I was introduced to online gaming and slowly understood the basics of the game and how not to be a noob. I've been in a few clans for a long time including my own.

Clan/Team History

1. Nova - 9 Months
2. SSE* - 1 Month
3. NvS - 1 Year, 2 weeks.

Greatest Victories

COD4: =RA= 3-0
Was* 3-0
EPiC 3-1
goRe 3-2
FsA. 3-2

COD5: aRC! 3-0

MW2: aRC! 3-1
SYCO 3-0
goRe 3-0

Play Style

My biggest plus is my Sniping
Other than that, I do whatever I feel appropriate at the time.


KDR: 1.09/1.35/1.43
Score: 900,000/1,000,000 +/ 2,000,000 + (I think)
W/L: 0.88/0.95/0.69
Accuracy: 17%/16%/20%

Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

CoD4: Crash, Ambush
W@W: Castle
MW2: Scrapyward, Terminal

Past Consoles

Gameboy/GB Advanced
Nintendo DS

All Time Favorite Games

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, MOH, CoD4


Dog - Diesel
Cockatoo - Christmas

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

Watching a mate of mine lob a grenade in the air, Running out to knife someone and getting blown up by his own grenade.

Sex Appeal (out of 10)

Search Jamie Uncles on Facebook, you can look at my pics on there lol

Which Celebrity Best Resembles You & Why

Carl Barron, I'm a joker and joke about some of the stupidest shit

Size of Porn Collection

1 DVD, Redtube, YouPorn are my only Porn Archives. Not a huge porn addict