Date of Birth


Gaming History

Well been playing games since i can remember, started on the sega master system, built in alex the kidd ftw! then went to nintendo and ps1 2 and now 3, fav game is resident evil 2 on the ps1, classic. These days cod4 and mw2, cant wait for god of war 3 though.

Clan/Team History

Only ever been in arc, was there since it was first created until a few weeks ago.

Greatest Victories

Hmmmm, well back in the cod4 days, clan battle against eab, we were 3-3 on snd and i was last alive on countdown, killed 2 of their guys then got shot near the back hangars, laying there on last stand i see a pair of feet running towards me under the stands and shot his feet for the win.

Play Style

Run and gun for sure, i cant camp it drives me nuts.


Ummmmm, think my kd is about 1.20 and the win loss is around 1.80, not 100% sure, will check back when my ps3 is turned on.

Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

Gee, most of the maps in mw2 suck ass, but fav would be Afghan or Wasteland.

Gaming Setup

I got the ps3 running on a 52inch Sony lcd, 1080p etc. Logitech z5500 surrond sound with 10 inch sub.

Past Consoles

Sega master system, super nintendo, ps1, ps2, ps3, psp.

All Time Favorite Games

Resident evil 2 and 4, God of war 1 and 2, Uncharted series is awesome, Modern warfare.


None, i want to get an alaskan malamute when i get out of the army though.

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

Hmmmm, would have to be hearing my mate hutto raging hard about something to the point where i couldnt play anymore cos i was laughing so hard.

Sex Appeal (out of 10)

Gotta be a 10, chicks dig the uniform haha.

Which Celebrity Best Resembles You & Why

Ive been told tom cruise but im not some sick freak so i dont see it.

Size of Porn Collection

No porn, i get enough sex lol