Date of Birth


Gaming History

have been playin consoles my whole life, started on my bro's atari. played a bit of CS with my mates in yr11 and 12 at school. learnt i could play cod4 online in feb last year

Clan/Team History

AUF from March 2008 until September this year and now FV

Greatest Victories

playin for AUF2 against AUF1, game was SnD Crash. From memory (which aint that great) score was 4-0 and i went 9-2

Play Style

Run N Gun


Come watch me play!!!

Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

Strike/Ambush, AK-47

Gaming Setup

40" Sony Bravia LCD

Past Consoles

atari, sega master system, sega mega drive, sega game gear, gameboy, N64, PS1, PS2, PS3

All Time Favorite Games

Need For Speed - Underground. played endless nights on this game stoned with my mates, some big all nighters went into that game. Sonic the Hedgehog


The biggest sook of a Pitbull u'll ever meet named Rosie. But just cuz she's a sook, don't mean she wont bite u...

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

joining a game against a full party of AUF, TDM on bloc, Got absolutely pwnd. Next game I fukn dominated, Had 2 airstrikes and one chopper within 1 minute, only for (u guessed it) SJ to ps quit

Sex Appeal (out of 10)


Which Celebrity Best Resembles You & Why

u tell me

Size of Porn Collection

big enough

5 minutes of fame:

was in hospital with pneumonia as a frappa and ET came in to do something, ended up being on 60 minutes (in the background).
was down the snows when Who Dares Wins was doing a show. during one of the dares, i got in the background and jumped around like a fukn idiot