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Date of Birth


Gaming History

started with the commodore 64 & later an atari. lots of space invaders, frogga etc. had a megadrive & loved that, a little time on a peecee gaming but it was old & so were the games (p133, 32mb ram, 3gb hdd, no video card but 4mb vram).

Clan/Team History

only other clan i've been a member of was Australian Forces, was a member for the better part of 2 years. represented the clan in AUF1, AUF2 & AUFr competitive teams, also a captain of AUF2 & AUFr.

had many great games with auf2 & aufr, final official tallies being:

Won: 18 ● Lost: 6 ● Drew: 1

Won: 79 ● Lost: 34 ● Drew: 2
Won: 7 ● Lost: 5 ● Drew: 0

Won: 25 ● Lost: 29 ● Drew: 0

Greatest Victories

not necessarily the greatest but my favorite was AUF2 v T/\G. both teams n00b in every way but T/\G had greater experience. the best round was domination on vacant, we had tactics for it & it really sounded the beginning of the team being 'organised' & capable of taking on far more recognised teams.

Play Style

mostly run & gun, but i'm also known for strategically standing still with an m16 behind stuff.


KDR: 1.23, up from 0.68 after my cousins had my ps3 for 3 months & ruined it lol, kdr before that was 1.89 at P10 lvl55
ACC: don't know, was -16.??% at one stage because of a glitch

KDR: >1.45

KDR: >1.45
W/L: >1.85

KDR: >1.40
ACC: >18%
W/L: >4.2


Favourite Map, Favourite Weapon.

CoD4: Downpour - ak47, ak74u or mp5

Gaming Setup

40" Sony Bravia
6.1 Yamaha Surround
500GB PS3 slim

Past Consoles

•    Atari 2600
•    Sega Megadrive
•    Super Nintendo
•    Gameboy
•    Playstation
•    Nintendo 64
•    Playstation 2
•    Playstation 3

All Time Favorite Games

Golden Eye
Call of Duty 4
Killzone 1/2
Gran Turismo 4


Miniature Fox Terrior - Monty
Jack Russel - Sydney

Funniest CoD4 or Other Gaming Moment

probably trying to play a clan war against a clan called d3Th who were extremely hopeless, all they wanted to do was play HC SnD or HC TDM, they picked HC SnD for their first pick & we (AUF2) smashed them lol, then we picked HQ & they all started crying & abusing us & all i could do was laugh.

Sex Appeal (out of 10)

i'm probably not awful but my balls almost touch the ground :S

Size of Porn Collection

don't have any pr0nz at all, no joke, get to see pr0nz at 6A every now & then though hehe.